Childhood abuse memories cannot be erased.

The painful memories of a bad childhood cannot be erased. But, the moment you start to believe you are not worthless and you are lovable the memories will pale allowing you to fully participate in life. You will begin to understand;
“The greater tragedy than your bad childhood is that you would continue to let it ruin the rest of your life.” – Pastor Stanley Murdoch

The Purpose of my website is to help you get there.

Lynda Long’s story is a must for those who desire to understand the complexities of life.  It’s the story of a family and the secrets of a family.  It’s the story of unintended consequences on children.  It’s the story of hope through it all!  Hope and healing is possible!   Pastor Stanley C. Murdoch

Lynda shared a powerful testimony on the darkness of physical abuse and how the light of Jesus is able to overcome even in the worst situations.  Our student ministry was moved by her story and her ability to find hope and freedom in Jesus.   Pastor Chris Johnson

Lynda Long visited YRTC, the Nebraska correctional institute for teenage boys, located in Kearney, Nebraska, to share her story with the youths who are sent there by the court system.  Her story was very intriguing and was well received by these youths, and myself.   Pastor Marvin Valdois

Unfortunately dysfunction in families leads to further dysfunction.  Abuse breeds abuse and often results in a ripple effect that replicates itself over and over again.  Lynda Long’s story provides stark insight into the damage that an abusive parent can inflict upon children.   Tom Osborne, co- founder of Teammates of Nebraska and former head football coach, University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Over the years, I have worked with them professionally – the teens and young adults who have tried, thought compulsively about, or committed heinous crimes.  ”How did this come about?” counselors and therapists unendingly ask.  And time and time again they receive the same agonized answer from the perpetrator.  “I don’t know!!  I hate feeling this rage….But I can’t help it.  Learn to spot child abuse, be moved to action and lives may be saved.  Foster W. Cline, M.D. Author and co-founder of The Love and Logic Institute.