David’s crime was without a doubt a senseless, horrifying, brutal act even we couldn’t begin to comprehend.  But he had two brothers and a sister who did not want to see him sentenced to death because we knew all that led up to this terrible moment.  Gary, Daniel and I knew who also was at fault and was just as responsible for the murders as David.  There were no witnesses when David murdered but there were three witnesses to the daily molding and making of the murderer.  We were witnesses to a murder just as senseless and brutal, the murder of a child’s soul, by his own parent’s!  Gary and I would take the stand and tell our story then, the judge and jury would know too.  They would know, as children we lived in fear under our father’s daily threat of what would happen to us if we ever told anyone our secrets.

At the Dallas County Courthouse we were taken to a set of oak benches in the main hallway outside the entrance of the courtroom.  For the most part we sat in silence glancing around at our surroundings and watching people come and go.  We did not look like the brother and sister of the man on trial for capital murder.  Two people, a man and a woman, obviously familiar with David’s case, were passing by the bench where we sat waiting.  They stopped, looked us over and as the pair continued on we overheard the woman say, “That’s the brother and sister? They look normal!”  I wanted to shout out to them.   So did David before our father destroyed him!  We’re not deaf!  We’re the brother and sister of someone who spent years living in a hell he couldn’t change as a child!  Spinning out of control as a teenager and plunging into the depths of madness as an adult!  Some of us, not without scars, manage to escape the claws of wicked destruction of our lives!  But some of us slide into a deep dark world of insane thinking, damaged and ruined beyond repair!  This is what happens when you don’t treat children the way they were meant to be treated!  They are tender, vulnerable gifts from God, not your plaything for your amusement when you’re bored.  They’re not your punching bag when you’re angry and they’re certainly not your relief for pent up sexual desires!  That’s what I wanted to say instead, Gary and I just looked at each other and rolled our eyes at the insensitivity of the two.

Gary was the first to be called to testify.