In this photo, (our father is the photographer) our family looks normal but, we are far from it!  I am eight-years-old and well into the role of my brother’s keeper as I wrap my arms around two-year-old David.  December 8th marks the fifteenth year since he was executed by the state of Texas in Huntsville.

His last letter to me demonstrates that God’s grace and mercy reaches into the darkest places – even to death row.

Dear Lynda,

My best memories are of you or include you.  Your influence makes up the best part of me or contributes to my better qualities.  I love you always have, always will and I’m proud you are my sister.  Please, I ask you to view my departure as a circle completed.  I’m honestly optimistic and anxiously await my journey with a strong faith and vision of God’s secret rewards.

In terms of the law of the land I’m where I belong.  Jesus has blessed me with his Holy Spirit.  If they came to me right now and said, ‘You can go free but you have to be the man you once were, I’d tell them to close that door!  Lynda, I wouldn’t give up the freedom I found in Christ for nothing.”

I love my brothers and sister, always have.  I just never learned to love right but Jesus has taken care of that also.  Thanks for being there.

Love you, David

Living thirteen years in a 5×9 cell David learned the only way to heal his heart and soul, broken by a childhood wrought with abuse, was through God’s amazing love.  And, by way of death row and David’s letters, my life was touched and enriched through unimaginable circumstances, in a place I would never have guessed possible.