In the aftermath of a harrowing childhood, Lynda Long knew as an adult she possessed the strength and skills needed to combat the lingering side effects of abuse and neglect. She continued to practice the very mindset that brought her through fifteen years of enduring the unspeakable…with never-ending perseverance and unshakable determination. But it wasn’t until her visit to the Texas death row to say one last goodbye to her youngest brother David Martin Long, that she decided the time had come to act on her life-long vow to tell their story. In writing her book, “Together: A Story of Survival” Lynda hoped she might convince others that coming from what seems to be an inescapable world of evil is not only conquerable but empowering.

From The Author

Four abused children die every day. Survivors bear physical and emotional scars for life. Some turn to alcohol and drugs, or become abusers themselves. Others become criminals and spend their lives in prison. Those who live “normal” lives are haunted by the ghosts of their past. Together, the painful yet poignant story of Lynda Long and her three brothers, sheds light on a cancer in American society. Their story demonstrates how God’s grace and mercy reaches into the darkest places—even death row.

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